Online Marketing Strategies for the Cash-Strapped Business Owner

Online marketing is tough, it’s true. It can be difficult and expensive to make any kind of mark in the online world and see success from your marketing efforts. . However, there are several important online marketing strategies that business owners with less than ideal marketing budgets should know about and use. Not sure what they are? Don’t worry – read on to learn more about making your Internet marketing more successful.

Email Marketing

One of the most overlooked and undervalued online marketing tools out there is email marketing, according to It’s powerful, affordable (often free), and puts you where you want to be – right in your potential customer’s inbox. Of course, it’s not as simple as just firing off email after email to potential customers. You need to go about it the right way. Step one is to create an opt in list on your website and allow your visitors to sign up for a newsletter or other form of communication. That gives you permission to send stuff to their inbox (so you don’t get labeled as a spammer). Ideally, you’ll use an email marketing tool to help you build your email list, create and send emails and then track the open rate so you can make needed changes to your email marketing plan.

Reports and eBooks

Everyone wants something free. It’s the most powerful word in the English language. Free equals great demand and considerable success. You can create free reports and eBooks for your target audience and then offer those products in exchange for their email address (to help build your mailing list and ensure that you’re marketing to an audience already interested in what you offer). Your report or eBook can be about virtually anything, so long as it’s related to your products, services or your industry. Make sure that it offers real value, though. It doesn’t have to be a 200-page book, but it should provide insight and value to readers.

Invest in Facebook Ads

Facebook is more than just another social network. It’s a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. Facebook ads offer you the means to get access to the millions of worldwide users who log into the network every day. However, you should know a few things before you leap in here. Facebook ads are essentially PPC ads. That means you pay every time someone clicks the ad and takes the action that you want (visiting your fan page, for instance). You’ll need to set a budget for the month, and understand that once that budget is maxed out, your ad won’t appear until the next billing month or you change your budget and add more funds.

Guest Blogging

Bringing targeted visitors to your website can be hard to do, but guest blogging offers some interesting advantages here. It gives you the chance to tap into the developed readership of a blog related to your industry, and it also legitimizes you. Guest blogging takes time and effort, and you’ll need to ensure that the blogs you’re submitting to are really worth it, but in the long run, you’ll find that this can really boost targeted traffic to your website or blog.

With these simple, effective online marketing tips, you can begin to build your success without spending a fortune (as long as you’re careful with your PPC ads, of course). Don’t let limited experience hinder your success.

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